R Girls

These twin girls are the most beautiful little girls - and I got to be a part of their 8th birthday - which is huge!  Congratulations to you two, you are wonderful examples to all around you!

W Kids

I am not biased.

Maybe a little.

This past weekend my niece and her husband and - most importantly - their three kids came to visit me. I had so much dang fun with them, and I miss them so much already.

L is 3 weeks old, and just a little angel, C is 15 months old and has the best personality, and J is 5 and so smart! Of course, all three - adorable, right?  Like I said, I'm not biased.

D Family

A is from Australia - and when I told her I had this crazy idea about having a family decorate a cactus for Christmas and take photos of it - she was all in.

I love that about her - she's always up for something fun and crazy :)

Honestly, I can't believe this is my job - and her beautiful family makes it so easy.  Really.

G Family

What a fun time with this family! When C called me and asked if I would help her with these ... LAST YEAR .. (ahem...)  I was ecstatic.  I truly had a great time with them, and even though C moved to California - I still consider her a great friend. Thanks for playing today!

L Family

Mom, H, gets me. I can call her and say something crazy like, "I have two balls of yarn and a croquet mallet," and she'll respond with "Great! I have marshmallows and a rubbermaid bucket!" and between us - it makes sense...even if it doesn't to the rest of the world.

Plus, her kids are pretty amazing too.  And, since K was home from college for Christmas, and R is home from his mission in RUSSIA...now was as good of a time as any to get some family photos taken.

Happy New Year to the L family :)

S Family

I took these photos at the beginning of December, but had to hold off on posting them because they were gifts for Grandma - and we didn't want to ruin the surprise!

This family has been one of the families that I have worked with from the beginning - and they are super fun, always up for anything I throw at them.  Their son A was one of my cubscouts, and their little L - well, I have an L too, so there's that  :)  Always an exciting adventure with them!


G Family

I know I say this a lot - but it really is true - I LOVE this family.  T, the mom, and I go way back - like to my daughter who is almost a senior in high school in grade 2 back - and aside from both of our extreme disappointment that there are no actual hoverboards here in 2015 as was promised by Back to the Future, we simply get each other.

That's why I was so excited when she called and asked if I'd do her family photos.

I mean, I love this family!

(Besides, the girls are amazingly cute,and little D?  Well, let's just say he is going to be a great protector of his sisters in the near future...not to mention their friends ;)

M Family

I took photos of this family last with little baby E hadn't quite yet made her appearance.  I love this family so much, and am honored that they asked me to take their photos again. :)  Thanks E and T, you guys are the best!

(Plus, do you see the baby blues on those kids? Sqeeeee!, right?)